Frequently asked questions

Will Flux make me better at drum programming than AFX?

Yes.* *Flux may not make you better at drum programming than AFX.

If I use Flux to trigger 909 samples or modules will I be better at making 909 patterns than Jeff Mills?

Yes.* *Flux may not enable you to defeat Jeff Mills in a 909 competition.

Is Flux an actual time machine?

We aren't sure. If you find particular settings that allow actual time travel please let us know.

Why do I feel like Flux is 100% required in order for me to ever program a rhythm again?

Good question. The reason that you feel this way is because Flux is the ultimate rhythm sequencing monster.

Is VAT charged on my order?

As a newly trading business, IOLabs is currently trading below the threshold for UK VAT. No VAT is charged on your order.