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Firmware Update Procedure

1. Download the appropriate Teensy Loader software for your operating system:

OSX:         https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensy.dmg

Windows: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensy.exe


2. Open the Teensy loader application, the interface will look like this:




3. Download the latest Flux firmware zip from this page (V1.01), open the zip and extract the HEX file to somewhere that is easy to find (desktop etc).


4. With your modular case powered down, remove Flux from your case but leave the power cable connected between Flux and your case. 


5. Connect a USB cable between the Micro-B USB port on the Teensy and your computer taking care to insert the Micro-B end in the correct orientation:





6. Power up Flux by switching on your case and in the Teensy loader software click File->Open HEX File. Navigate to where you extracted the HEX file and click Open. Press the program button shown below on the Teensy (the Flux display will freeze):

7. In the Teensy loader application, click the curved arrow to upload the firmware: 





If Flux does not auto re-boot after the firmware is uploaded, click the straight arrow to reboot:






Power down your case, remove the USB cable, re-screw Flux back into your case and the update is complete. EZPZ!

Firmware Release Versions

Open Beta V1.01:

  • Fixed an issue when using clock dividers on more than 1 channel.

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