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Flux launched on Kickstarter in February 2020. The current Demo videos and pictures show the original Flux prototype. During the Kickstarter campaign, the Eurorack community suggested improvements to the interface that have now been included in the final production design. The differences are as follows:

Flux now includes 4 trigger inputs instead of 1, 4 CV inputs instead of 3, Flux now has a micro SD card slot, 8 pushbuttons instead of 4 and 1 of the 3 auxiliary outputs per channel is now a CV output capable of envelopes, LFOs, random voltages, and stepped volatges. The improvements are shown in the final layout image on the left. If you pre-order Flux, you will receive the upgraded design rather than the prototype shown in the demos. The firmware features demonstrated remain the same.

Click Here To Check Out The Flux Kickstarter Campaign 


  • 4 TM Synthesis channels with phase shifting, compression/expansion/masking

  • 58 Temporal Modulation curves

  • 8 rhythm delay/logic/divider outputs

  • 4 CV outputs

  • Humanize algorithm

  • Modulation matrix per channel

  • 3 modulation buses per channel

  • 64 triggers per Step

  • 16 steps per channel

  • 1-64 16ths length per step (max sequence length = 1024 16ths)

  • 4 +/- 5V CV inputs with Red/Green LED indicators

  • Colour coded UI/output LEDs (Ch1 = Orange, Ch2 = Green, Ch3 = Blue, Ch4 = Red)

  • Dedicated external clock, reset, start/stop & 'mute all gates' inputs

  • Preset save/load to micro SD


  •  ARM Cortex M-7

  •  45 V/μs slew rate TLE2074 op amps

  •  320*240 resolution wide viewing angle full colour TFT

  •  2 x high quality, long life (>1,000,000 rotations) optical encoders

  • 16 bit DAC with 16.6kHz update rate & 1mV resolution

  • +12V 160mA / -12V 50mA

  • 12 * Trigger/Gate Outputs: 0-8V 

  • 4 * CV Outputs: 0-8V calibrated to 1mV resolution across full range

  • 4 * CV Inputs: +/-5V 

  • 4 Gate Inputs: Threshold >1.8V 

  • Gate input latency <100 microseconds

  • 32 HP

  • 32mm depth behind panel

  • Reverse polarity power protection

  • Buffered IO

  • Euro standard 1k & 100k IO impedances

  • Eurorack power cable & mounting screws included





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