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Flux is a complex rhythm sequencer for Eurorack.


At the core of Flux is our Temporal Modulation Synthesis™ algorithm. The TM algorithm bends time, warping the space between triggers in a step by applying user controlled TM curves. TM curves can be linear,  logarithmic, exponential or complex. The algorithm is simple to use - select a step length, a density of triggers in the step and apply a curvature. 16 of these steps can be joined per channel to create your rhythm sequence.  Curves can also be phase shifted by up to 360 degrees within the step.


Flux goes beyond traditional, quantized rhythm sequencing. Flux allows you to create polyrhythms, Euclidean rhythms and complex rhythms with ease. Flux can simulate realistic drumming patterns with a Humanize algorithm and Flux can send triggers so quickly that it can be used as a bank of oscillators. Each step can send dense bursts of up to 64 triggers per step. The space between these triggers is controlled in 64-bit double precision floating point accuracy by the Temporal Modulation algorithm.


3 auxiliary outputs on each of the 4 channels offer rhythm delays, clock dividers, logic functions and variable voltage outputps (1 per channel for envelopes/stepped voltages etc tied to your rhythm). The auxiliary outputs can generate additional rhythms based on your active rhythmic programming and can also be patched to trigger envelopes, to open VCAs or filters and generally add life to dynamics and timbre over time, while always remaining rhythmically related to your programmed rhythms.


Without the constraints of grid quantization, rhythm sequencing possibilities are limitless! 


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